Welcome to my portfolio website!

Ciao, I develop
IQ Tests Websites Social Networks

Building a successful product is a challenge. I am highly energetic in IQ test development, website design and basic social networks.




IQ Test DeveloperPsychometrics/Intelligence

I have developed dozens of IQ tests for personal use and for other individuals/organizations


Statistical DataPsychometrics/Data Analysis

I have gathered/calculated data for the norming process on dozens of Psychometrics tests.


DesignWebsite Design/Graphics

I have developed dozens of websites over the years for myself and others, using css/html/php.


Social Networkingmostly the basics, no apps

I develop basic social networking websites: user registration, profile(photos, bio, etc).


300 Euros +

Psychometrics TestsIntelligence

I develop culture-fair, numerical, symbolic, and verbal intelligence tests.

50 Euros +

Statisical DataNorming process

I gather statistical data to conduct norms by using Pearson's R to measure Reliability and test validity.

150 Euros +

Websites and GraphicsDigital Designs

I develop websites and graphics for individual, organization, and business purposes.